somatic enquiry is…

body and earth may  june 08 077somatic is how you experience yourself from within. we are sensitive bodies being here.

to enquire is to engage in a process of allowing awareness to unfold. it is driven by mystery revealing itself, honoring individual truth to discover what is.


participating in somatic enquiry…we dive into the mystery and let the body be the path through  which we accumulate new and ancient knowing… we learn to listen to the inner dialogues and landscapes of our physical body… cultivating awareness with attention and release, familiarizing ourselves with the anatomical structures and forms, we acquire the skills of patience and non-judgement… we connect with the earth through her land, her waters, the sky and all life, as we find microcosmic reflection of it all on the blood side of skin… we remember that gravity and space are our friends… we explore the patterns of our personal spiral  of life lived thus far… harvesting sensation, trusting imagination and allowing emotion, impulses and motion arise and we develop resources to notice, to choose change, to be surprised by ourselves being body.



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