allows resting, pauses and yield

body and earth may  june 08 191to yield, to soften and rest in the ocean of your cells, surrendering your weight so the earth may carry you, and space welcomes you.

often we dare not stop. a pause brings a cascade of things not yet done and tension is held for many a reason. there can be fear about stillness, yet without it an ongoing sluggishness and weight, fatigued aching bodies and uninspired minds can become the norm;  it is also possible for action to kick into overdrive, and sneakily steal our sleep.

when we remember about breath, releasing tension held in tissues, make friends with the chatter of the mind and learn, patiently over time, to access rest we allow resting, pausing and patience to inform the ebb and flow of doing and non-doing. regaining an equilibrium with touch, with guided visualization and a lighthearted sense of ease i remind your nervous system that resting, pausing and being patient is the well-balanced friend to your activity, vitality and spontaneity; returning you to being now.


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