explores…experiental anatomy

is fun with the atoms that are me

often anatomy is taught about the body as though it exists outside of us. experiential anatomy is remembering we are body, we build our bodies, we grow, differentiate, integrate and unfold with the amazing flow of life. we experience all of life because we have a body.

experiential anatomy is engaging in the willingness to let your own body see, touch and think about  anatomical models, pictures, knowledge, structures and functioning, – as we notice these in the world around us: in books, videos, pictures; and reconnect it all with the living experiencing tissue of the inner.  what we study we are. we widen our perceptions and understanding of our bodily self, we  find ways to touch, move, sound, draw and imagine…we begin to find a new language and relationship when playing with the hows, whys and what-for of our body. knowing more deeply about the living body gives us more choices, greater resources, strengths and softness to move in the world.


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