revisits the developmental spiral

we are nature. nature organizes in patterns and mysterious chaos.

our individual stories, from conception to walking upright adult beings is infused with the patterns of how movement arranges, prepares and enables us to be. revisiting this unique blueprint today, allows for what was in the past, what is now and what is still to come, to find release, ease and faith.

some patterns of human evolving have been named: embryology, birthing, developmental movement patterns, reflexes, equilibrium responses and reactions…they are all within us. the adapting and attuning to the people and terrains around us, shapes our preferences and habits. choosing today to hang out, play, explore and engage with the spiral of our own history from a body perspective, can  allow for repeating, completing, releasing and inviting change.  anchored in the bodies movements and sensations we are delivered to the present moment; here resources, surprises and relief can greet us.

organ support 1 for INTRO workshops

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