remembers we are body and earth

we are an organism responding, moving in every moment, to the world within and the world around. we are not separate from nature, we are moving breathing living expressions integral to it. that which has made the world has made us. environmental work is an inner as well as an outer activity. reconnecting our body and the earth is not only possible, it is vital.

we can move, sense, feel, touch, imagine, tell the stories; hear the deep wisdom residing in the tissues of ourselves, wherever on the globe we live. where are the minerals that is ground in your bones, the living animation of your moving creature self; the ancient ocean, the delicate stream, the ferocious rivers cascading the fluid body? how does air breathe you, what stratas of life deposited will your personal archaeology reveal? deep in your cells sunshine glows from the plants and life you consume and your nerves pass on minute electrical storms…how is the weather of your daily emotions and what is the atmosphere of your life?

listen, remember, resource yourself, then let it inform your actions.

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