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sometimes we just need to receive…

touch is vital for being well, for knowing who and where we are; to bring about a sense of wellbeing i offer treatments intended to relax, restore balance and nurture you.


aromatherapy: have a body-massage using uniquely blended essential oils in a luxurious carrier. the extracts and healing properties of plants are captured and through the amazing boundary of your skin, diffuse to work with your nerves, lymphatic and immune systems to bring about relaxation, regeneration and wholeness. i only use Kobashi essential oils.


hands and feet touch                                                                                              reflexology: have a foot bath, followed by a massage of the feet and lower leg and a balancing treatment of the reflex points mapped throughout your feet. treat something in particular or just treat yourself to the relaxation.



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massage: touch, pressure, compression, stretching and generating blood flow through the tissues; differentiating bone from muscle from connective tissue, making space for organs, listening to what is stored, hidden and aching to be released.

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